2020 League Year Rules

Northeast Georgia Tennis Association Regulations

League Year 2020

(August 2019– July 2020)

The purpose of the USTA Northeast Georgia Tennis Association is to promote team tennis for men and women at established ratings of the National Tennis Rating Program.

These rules should be printed out and taken to all matche


The NEGTA agrees to the rules and regulations of the USTA, USTA Southern, and USTA Georgia as published. They are posted on our web site. Please refer to them. In addition, the NEGTA also sets forth the following rules to apply to NEGTA local team matches.


A. All players shall have reached the minimum age for the league in which they wish to play prior to or during the calendar year in which such player participates in their first local league match.

B. Teams must play out of facilities within the geographic boundaries of USTA NEGTA, namely Hall, Habersham, White, Banks, Lumpkin, Dawson & Stephens counties unless permission has been granted from another CTA. The dual facility policy between NEGTA and Atlanta concerning South Hall facilities is found on our web site ustanegta.com under the organization tab.

C. Players must play at their current computer year end rating or higher. Any player without a computer rating must self-rate by answering the self-rating questions on Tennis Link. This applies to all USTA and Southern Combo leagues. If a player’s rating has expired they must self-rate at the expired rating. When you do this you can then generate the ability to appeal your rating.

D. Players may play on more than one team within the Northeast Georgia Tennis Leagues as follows:

A player may play on a weekday & an evening team at the same NTRP level.

A player may play on a weekday & an evening team at a different NTRP level.

A player may play at two different NTRP levels.

A player may play on a combo or mixed doubles team at different NTRP levels


  1. 2.01A(1)

    When using straight NTRP levels, a player cannot have an NTRP rating higher than the NTRP level in which the player is competing except in the 5.0+ NTRP level of the Adult Division, 18 & Over and in the 4.5+ NTRP level of the Adult Division, 40 & Over. Adult Division, 18 & Over 5.0+ team rosters may include up to two (2) players from the next higher NTRP level. Adult Division, 40 & Over 4.5+ team rosters may include up to three (3) players from the next higher NTRP level.

    In Plus (+) NTRP levels utilizing three individual matches constituting a team match:


    In Plus (+) NTRP levels utilizing three individual matches within a team match, no more than one Plus (+) level player shall be allowed to play in a team match and shall be required to play in the #1 position, either singles or doubles.


    In the 5.0+ level a player who is rated 4.5 is not eligible to play in the #1 singles position.


    In the 4.5+ level a player who is rated 4.0 is not eligible to play in either #1 position.



    In Plus (+) NTRP levels utilizing four or more individual matches constituting a team match:


    Two (2) Plus (+) level players may play in a team match and shall be required to play in either (i) both in the #1 doubles position or (ii) one player in the #1 singles position and one player in the #1 doubles position.


    In the 5.0+ level a player who is rated 4.5 is not eligible to play in either #1 position.


    In the 4.5+ level a player who is rated 4.0 is not eligible to play in either #1 position.

    Note: If the NTRP ratings of the players available and on-site for a team match would result in an individual match default at the #1 position(s), a lower level player may play at the #1 position(s), provided no available at level player is playing below the #1 position(s).  In such case(s) 2.01A(1)b, 2.01A(1)c, 2.01A(1)e or 2.01A(1)f shall be waived.

When using straight NTRP levels, a player may not have an NTRP rating higher than the NTRP level in which the player is competing, with the following exceptions:

  • Adult 18 & Over 5.0+ level, teams may include up to two (2) players with 5.5 ratings.
  • Adult 40 & Over 4.5+ level, teams may include up to three (3) players with 5.0 ratingsF. Tennis Link is the official system for registering teams, reporting scores and providing standings.
  • G. The Local League Coordinator or program coordinators for USTA NEGTA are the people who implement and administer all USTA league programs.

III. Captains: Pre-Season Responsibilities

A. The captain should read and be familiar with the rules of USTA, USTA Southern, USTA Georgia and the NEGTA Local League rules. It is the captain’s responsibility to make sure his/her players read and understand all the rules.

NEGTA rules differ in part from ALTA AND USTA ATLANTA RULES

B. Team Registration: Captains of Adult, Mixed, Tri Level and USTA Southern Combo MUST establish a team number through Tennis Link by the designated date. The Captains must list the facility they will be playing. All teams must play out of facilities in Hall, Habersham, Stephens, White, Lumpkin, Dawson or Banks counties. (The facility information can be found on the ustanegta.com web site.)

C. Captains MUST have a current e-mail address at which they can receive league information throughout the season. Captains MUST enter a phone number in the Tennis Link program when establishing a team number. This number should be the number the captains will use to communicate with each other during the season. Changes in phone numbers and e-mails must be forwarded to your LLC.

D. All teams in any NEGTA league MUST have the minimum number of players registered on the team prior to the season starting. For teams playing in 3 line league (Tri level, mixed, combo, adult 55 & 65 ) the maximum number of players allowed on the roster will be 16.

Two Team Leagues: If any Adult league consists of only two teams in a level of play, each team must maintain its roster with at least 40% of its players at the designated NTRP level of play.

E. Once a player’s name appears on a Tennis Link team roster, he/she may switch teams only before the start of the league season.

Captains: Match Responsibilities

It is the captain’s responsibility to have each team member thoroughly read and understand the current NEGTA USTA league regulations prior to the start of league play.

If the captain or co-captain will not be present at the match they should designate an acting captain and notify the opposing captain of that acting captain’s name and contact information prior to the match day.

It is MANDATORY that all captains abide by the 3-day rule; this enables the teams time to contact players with the needed information. It is the home team’s responsibility to pay any and all court fees, including the indoor court fees if the home team so designates their usage 3 days in advance.

A. It is the home team’s responsibility to procure and reserve a minimum of 2 home courts for the season and pay any and all court fees, including the indoor court fees if the home team so designates their usage 3 days in advance. If not designated in advance and the indoor courts are offered as an option for day/night match because of inclement weather, the visiting team may decline the use of the indoor courts. If all parties agree to the use of the indoor courts, the additional court fees will be shared by all players involved.

At all facilities there must be a working bathroom and it must be available for the duration of the match and on the match site.

Lights are required for all evening matches. If the lights go out during an evening match and cannot be re-lit in a reasonable amount of time (10 minutes), or if the facility closes, the match can be rescheduled using the makeup deadlines as stated in the rules.

B. “Home” team captains should contact the visiting team captains 3 DAYS prior to a scheduled match to make final arrangements for the match, including the number, surface type, and location of courts (or alternate courts in case of inclement weather). It is MANDATORY that all captains abide by the 3-day rule since this enables teams time to contact players with the needed information. Visiting captain must field as many courts as are presented. If both captains agree, additional courts can be used as they become available. The location of the match cannot be changed without notifying the visiting captain 3 days prior to the match.

Example: Match day on Tuesday call Saturday, match day Wednesday call Sunday, etc.

C. Captains, remind your players to arrive 15 minutes prior to match time (as found on the Tennis Link schedule). Players must be on the court at the designated match start time and be prepared to start the 10 minute warm-up.

D. Warm-up should not exceed 10 minutes. The tennis code’s definition of WARM-UP is:

Warm-up is not practice. Each player should try to hit his /her shots directly to the opponent.

You do not practice return of serves during the warm-up.

E. The home team provides new balls for each match.

F. The captains may agree on the order of play. However, if no prior agreement is made then the order of play will be #1 singles, #2 singles, #1 doubles, #2 doubles, #3 doubles, & or #4 doubles. Players in the second time slot must be available one hour after the first time slot begins; players in the third time slot must be available 2 hours after the first time slot begins.

G. Team captains must simultaneously exchange printed scorecards with completed line-ups written on the score cards BEFORE the scheduled match time. Match time is stated on your Tennis Link schedule. This match time is the beginning of the 15-minute default time. Tennis Link is the official site for USTA.

H. Recording of Scores

It is the responsibility of WINNING CAPTAIN to enter the scores into Tennis Link within 24 hours of completion of the match. The other captain should confirm or dispute scores on Tennis Link within 48 hours of completion of the match. If scores are not confirmed or disputed within 48 hours of completion of the match, the team will lose the right to dispute the match score. If you dispute the scores for any reason on Tennis Link you must also e-mail the coordinator to tell them the reason so it can be corrected. Tennis Link will confirm scores automatically after the 48-hour period has passed.

I. Note that an individual player playing in Adults 18, 40, 55, and 65 & over and mixed doubles must calculate in a minimum of three matches between the middle of November of the previous year and the middle of November of the current year to generate an individual year end NTRP computer rating. Combo or Tri Level leagues do not generate computer ratings. Players playing only mixed doubles will generate a rating to be used in mixed doubles the following year. If a player with a mixed doubles rating attempts to register for an adult team the following year, the system will require them to self-rate.

Note: To generate a year-end computer rating a player must play at least three matches against a player with multiple dynamic ratings or a prior year end rating.

Format of Play

Start times are listed on your Tennis Link schedules. Check your schedules as times vary depending on the league that is being played.

Continuous play times:

Between points, a maximum of twenty (20) seconds is allowed. When the players change ends at the end of a game, a maximum of ninety (90) seconds are allowed. However, after the first game of each set and during a tie break game, play shall be continuous and the players shall change ends without a rest. There is a 10 minute break between the second and third set if needed.

A. The “home” team must provide water for all home matches. Other refreshments are optional.

B. One point for each dual match won will be awarded to the winning team.

C. State Tournament Match formats are:

ADULT 18 & OVER 3.0 – 4.0: 2 singles, 3 doubles

ADULT 18 & OVER 2.5 & 5.0+: 1 singles, 2 doubles

ADULT 40 & OVER :1 singles, 3 doubles

ADULT 55 & OVER: 3 doubles

ADULT 65 & OVER: 3 doubles

MIXED all ages: 3 doubles

Tri Level 18 & Over: 3 doubles

COMBO all ages: 3 doubles

NEGTA formats may differ and they are stated on your Tennis Link schedule.

D. Individual Match Format:

  1. The warm-up must be accomplished in a maximum of 10 minutes including serves.
  1. Coaching is permitted ONLY during the 10 minute rest period between the second & third set.
  2. E. Defaults:
  1. The 15-minute default clock begins at the scheduled match time (as stated on the Tennis Link schedule) when a court is available and a player has not arrived.
  2. When a player does not show up within the 15-minute default time, or a player becomes ill or injured during warm-up and there is no substitute available, only the affected position is defaulted. Two players will play together in a higher position when both of their partners do not show in order to avoid two defaults. Remember defaults are given from the bottom up. Example # 5 doubles is the first to be defaulted.
  3. If a substitute player, not already in the lineup, is available within the 15 minute default time, then that player may substitute for an absent, sick or injured player at the affected position ONLY. If a substitution is made during the warm-up, the substitute player is entitled to a
    10-minute warm-up.
  4. F. Players should be ready to take the court when the previous match is finished. For example, if a match begins at 9:30am and ends at 10:15am, default time for the next match on that court is 10:45am, since 10:30am is the scheduled time of the next match. If the first match ends at 10:50am, then players must take the court immediately since the next time slot players must have been available at 10:30am. Captains should communicate and agree ahead of time which positions will take the court and in which order. If the captains cannot agree, refer to IV B (Captains: Match Responsibilities NEGTA rules).
  5. G. NEGTA encourages playing positions by order of strength. However, a player may play any position at any time. There are no restrictions on the movement of the players from position to position, week to week.
  1. H. If you know you must default one or more positions at the start of the match, follow the guidelines stated in the USTA Regulations handbook. You must default from the bottom of the line-up e.g. either #2 singles or #3 doubles. In the case of 2.5 and 5.0 leagues, you can default either the #1S or the #2D. This default may not be taken back for ANY reason. * Exception: See inclement weather A 3.
  1. Please note the 2020 USTA Georgia Regulation regarding an invalid match:

If a team has an invalid match (a majority of the individual matches must actually be played to constitute a valid team match) the team may (state Adult League Committee’s decision) be removed from competition and the standings.

  1. Bathroom breaks are allowed anytime.
  2. K. For matches that are best two out of three sets, a ten-minute break between second and third sets may be taken. Otherwise play must continue as specified in USTA Regulations. When and if the score in a set is 6-6, the winner will be decided with a 7-point Coman style tiebreaker. A Coman 10 point tie breaker is only played when the league has been set up to play a tie break instead of a third set.
  1. Leagues played with a four line format:

If four matches are played and two teams tie across the Tennis Link scoring system, and it is known at the end of the team match, the last match completed should play a 10 point tie break in order to break the tie. If this happens, the captains need to let the coordinator know, as it will have to be noted manually. The scores will have to be entered in Tennis Link as actually played but will not include the extra 10 point tie break. If the captains do not realize there is a tie until after the participants have left, a coin toss will be done by the coordinator in front of both captains to determine which team receives the team point. When this occurs, the coordinator will send out manually updated standings each week and instruct the captains that Tennis Link is not accurate.

  1. M. NEGTA does not provide linesmen, umpires, court monitors, etc. for matches.
  1. Rescheduling
  1. A. Inclement Weather
  1. The following weather conditions authorize the cancellation of a scheduled match: rain, lightning, or severe weather 32 degrees F or below (not wind chill) or above 95 degrees
    (as determined by weather.com for the zip code of the location of the match at the time of the match). Captains may agree to delay the match up to one hour. Temperatures vary depending on the court locations. For the 55 & over severe weather is 35 degrees F or below or above 90 degrees.
  2. If no lineup has been exchanged any forfeits which were agreed upon verbally are null and void.
  3. If teams have reported for play and the match is delayed or interrupted by rain, teams must wait 30 minutes to determine if courts are playable. If courts are still not playable after 30 minutes, teams are free to reschedule matches and then leave unless both teams agree to wait longer.
  1. In the event inclement weather occurs after the team match has begun, a 30 minute wait to resume play must be observed. If play cannot be continued:
  2. Completed individual matches stand as played.
  3. Points awarded for forfeits given at the time the original written lineup was exchange are considered completed matches. All players listed on the lineup who are involved in forfeits cannot participate in a re-scheduled match.
  4. Individual matches in progress must be made up and resumed by the same players at the exact set, game and point that existed when play was halted.
  5. Any player who is not involved in a previously started match or forfeit can participate in any matches that have not begun.
  1. 5. In the spirit of good sportsmanship please schedule and get your make- up matches completed promptly.

Arrangement for make-up matches must be agreed upon within 48 hours of the original match start time. TEAMS MUST OFFER A MINIMUM OF TWO MAKE UP DAYS EXCLUDING THE DEFAULT DAY/EVENING. Match start time is as stated on your Tennis Link schedule with the exception of Monday morning leagues. That start time is 1:00 pm.

Matches that have been arranged and agreed to by both parties (different positions do not have to make up at the same place or time) cannot be cancelled by either party for any reason other than inclement weather. Default will result if one party cannot play. However, available players (not already listed on the score card) may be substituted into the agreed match time if necessary. Both captains MUST contact their LLC/Level Rep. via e-mail with the agreed upon date/dates and time to prevent problems. This is necessary in order to eliminate any disagreements. If the LLC/Level Rep. does not receive notification within the time period, the default time will be the day before the next regularly scheduled match day at the time specified in Tennis Link. (Example: Match rained out was Wednesday, LLC must get make up information by Friday.) If information is not received the match will be made up on Tuesday, 13 days following the regularly scheduled match at 9:30 am. (The decision has been taken out of your hands.)

  1. Matches needing rescheduling must follow the NEGTA rules. Rescheduled match times include evenings and weekends, as needed.

Exception to this inclement weather default times is as follows:

If inclement weather occurs on the second to last match of the regular season, the make-up default time is before the last scheduled match (6 days). If it falls on the last scheduled match date it is the following day and continues day to day until weather permits the match to be played. If a default day falls on a Legal holiday a new default day will be established by the NEGTA LLC.

  1. B. Early Scheduled Matches

Team matches or individual matches may be rescheduled early if both captains agree. The rescheduled matches must be played prior to the originally scheduled date. Notification MUST be e-mailed to the LLC/level representative. This new date now becomes your official scheduled match date. If inclement weather occurs, the scheduled date reverts back to the original date on Tennis Link.

  1. C. Championship Tournaments

Any teams involved in any USTA Local, State, Sectional, or National League Championship may request that their opponents reschedule matches in order to not have a conflict with those “Championship” matches. Opponents are required to help the opposing team in rescheduling of any matches that will conflict. Any match that was necessary to reschedule should use the inclement weather rule.

VII. Addition of Players during a Season

Our local league permits teams to add players after the commencement of play. A player’s name must be added to the roster (using Tennis Link) prior to the player’s participation in a team match. Players cannot be added after 50% of the published league schedule has been played. Where there is an odd number of a match the greater number will be considered 50%. Example: where there is nine weeks of play the cut off will be midnight on the day prior to the 5th scheduled match.

If a self-rated player has been disqualified during the season, they can register on a higher-level team. They will need the assistance of the LLC.


  1. A. The winner of the local league season will progress to the State Championship, unless a playoff is required. If a tie occurs USTA League Regulations for tie-breaks will be followed. The tie shall be broken by the first of the following procedures that does so:
  1. Most number of individual matches won in the entire season.
  2. Head-to-Head: Winner of the head-to-head match. If teams played more than one time during the season, the team accumulating the greatest number of points in those matches will be declared the winner.
  3. Sets: Loser of the fewest number of sets in the entire season.
  4. Games: Loser of the fewest number of games in the entire season.
  5. A coin toss by the league coordinator in the presence of both captains.
  1. B. In order for a player to be eligible to progress to the State Championships for the Adult 18 & over, 40 & over, 55 & over and all levels of mixed, that player must have played twice during the season. Only one of these can be a default as shown on your player roster. If there is not an Adult 65 & over league during the championship year, a team may register on Tennis Link and receive a bid for the state championship tournament. When there is an Adult 65 & over league the winner will advance to the state tournament. In order to qualify for the tournament you must play one match during the season.

Combo 18 & over teams must play in a league competition to be eligible to the progress the State Championships and team members must play once during that league competition in order to qualify for the state championship. A defaulted match shall count. Combo 40 & over and 55 & over levels may advance directly to the state championships if there are no local leagues during the championship year. That team is not required to play any matches.

  1. C. One women’s team and one men’s team at each level from each season will get a berth to the State Championships. Leagues with more than 10 teams (e.g. 3.5 day women) may be divided into divisions and, if divided, will have a Divisional Playoff if necessary. The home court for playoffs will be decided by calculating the percentage of matches won. The winner of the Divisional Playoff will progress to the State Championships.

The progression for calculating berths to the state tournament for any given NTRP level can be found in the USTA Georgia regulations. You can also find number the of teams you can participate on at the  www.ustageorgia.com web site.

  1. D. In the event the same team should win both seasons that team can choose which season’s roster they would like to take to the State Championships. If the same team wins first place both seasons, the league MAY send a second place team as a State entrant. The LLC will look to send the most competitive second place team. The LLC is responsible for the final decision as to which team, if any, will get the second bid.

If NEGTA receives a wild card it will be given to the season and NTRP level stipulated by USTA Georgia.

  1. E. In the event that a first place team from a specific season declines advancement to the State Championships, the second place team from that same season may be chosen to represent the league for that season. The LLC is responsible for the final decision as to which team, if any, will receive the bid.
  2. NEGTA will pay the State competition registration fee for the minimum number of players required to field a team at the tournament as long as the team has played in a league. Any team who has not been part of a league (2 teams or more) will pay the entrance fee for themselves. In order to protect NEGTA funds, teams going to State are required to send to the Local League Coordinator a deposit check for the amount that NEGTA has paid for the team. For teams sending more than the minimum number of players, a separate check must be written to cover the cost of the extra players. The check covering the additional players is not refundable and will be cashed. NEGTA will also pay the entry fee of teams qualifying for section or national tournaments following the same rules. NEGTA will hold the deposit check required upon registration by USTA Georgia for the stated amount. All checks received will be held by the LLC and shredded after the tournaments per teams release by the state LLC.
  1. H. NEGTA will pay the entry fee for any team that earns a wild card to the State or Sectional Championship. The same methodology applies as in rule VIII G.
  1. Grievances
  1. A. All complaints alleging a violation during local league competition must be filed in writing with the chairman of the Local League Grievance Committee. Grievances must be filed by a team captain prior to the commencement of the next team match in the flight involving the individual or team against whom the grievance has been filed and within twenty-four hours after the last regular match or end of local league play, whichever occurs first.

Forms can be found on the www.ustageorgia.com web site or ask your LLC.

  1. B. Any party to the complaint may appeal the decision of the Grievance Committee within the time stated in the ruling handed down by the Grievance Committee.
  1. C. If unsure of procedure, contact the Local League Coordinator.
  1. NTRP Grievances
  1. A NTRP grievance may be filed against a player and/ or a team who commits or condones entering a self–rating two levels or more below the actual skill level of the player. All grievances must be filed with your local league coordinator. The captain filing the grievance form must provide proof that the player’s skill level is two levels above his/her self-rating. All grievances will be sent to the USTA Southern Fair Play Grievance Committee. Decisions may be appealed and are appealed to the USTA Southern Grievance Appeal Committee.

Grievance Committee & Grievance Appeal committees for 2019 & 2020 are:

Grievance Committee Grievance Appeal Committee
Lynne Whalen – Chairman Mary Carolyn Davis – Chairman
Vicky Payne Sandra Souther
Harriet Connolly Pam Williams
Susan Bracewell Jeanne Lewis

Rule and Adult league committee:

Teri Miller, LLC Mary Carolyn Davis Pam Williams

Marie Bartlett Sandra Souther Lisa Lancaster

Lynne Whalen Sharon Ross Diane Martin

Harriet Connolly Elsie Pinkerton Mary Kirley

2020 USTA Georgia League

State Tournament Schedule

Please note that the current 2020 schedule has not been published yet. these are the dates of the tournament but levels will be determined at a later date.

May 1 – 4
USTA League Tennis Adult 18 & Over State Championships
(2.5, 3.5, 4.5 M&W) – Macon
May 8 – 11
USTA League Tennis Adult 18 & Over State Championships
(3.0, 4.0 Low, 4.0, 5.0+ M&W) – Rome
May 29 – June 1
USTA League Tennis Adult 40 & Over State Championships
(3.0 & 4.0 M&W) – Athens
(3.5 & 4.5+ M&W) – Columbus
June 5 – 8
USTA League Tennis Adult 55 & Over State Championships
(M&W 3.0-4.0, 9.0) – Columbus
August 2 – 4
Southern Tri-Level State Championships
(18 & Over M&W 2.5- 3.5, 3.0- 4.0, 3.5-4.5)
(40 & Over M&W 3.0- 4.0, 3.5-4.5) (55 & Over M&W 3.0- 4.0) – Lagrange
September 4-6
USTA League Tennis Mixed State Championships
(18 & Over 2.5, 6.0-10.0) (40 & Over 6.0-9.0) – Valdosta
Southern Combo Doubles State Championships
(55 and over M&W 6.5,7.5,8.5) – TBD
October 9-10
USTA League Tennis Adult 65 & Over State Championships
(M&W 3.0-4.0, 9.0) – Savannah
October 23-257
Southern Combo Doubles State Championships
(18 & Over M&W 5.0, 6.5, 8.5, 10.5) (40 & Over M&W 7.5) – Bainbridge
November 11-13
Southern Combo Doubles State Championships
(18 & Over M&W 5.5, 7.5, 9.5) (40 & Over M&W 6.5, 8.5) – Rome

The facilities for these tournaments have not yet been decided. Please check the USTA Georgia website for updates. The above dates are subject to change.