Junior Team Tennis FAQ

Junior Team Tennis FAQ2019-03-22T20:40:58-04:00

Junior Team Tennis FAQ

What if my question regarding USTA Jr. team tennis has not been answered?2019-03-22T19:08:30-04:00

You can either e-mail or call the NEGTA Jr. Team Tennis League Coordinator.

What should I do if my child isn’t ready for league play?2019-03-22T18:09:58-04:00

Tips for parents can be found on the USTA website (www.USTA.com ).  Select the Parents heading on the top menu, and click on “Teach Your Child” on the drop down menu. https://www.usta.com/Parents/TeachYourChild.aspx
Teaching resources are available through local tennis pros and recreation program offerings.
Also, click here for a list of local resources.

What is USTA TENNIS APPRENTICE for children?2019-03-22T18:09:04-04:00

Tennis Apprentice is a program forbeginner players who are not yet USTA members: the program cost is $50 and includes a 1 year USTA Membership, 1 NEGTA League Fee, 6 one hour lessons, and a free tennis racquet.

Tennis Apprentice programs are held periodically in the local community, Contact the NEGTA Jr. Team Tennis League Coordinator for details.

What are NTRP ratings?2019-03-22T18:08:28-04:00

The National Tennis Rating Program (NRTP) offers guidelines in order to assess and group players of similar skill levels. Additional information about the NRTP ratings may be found at dps.usta.com/usta_master or ask your tennis coach to help you assess your skill level

Who are the captains for Jr. Team Tennis?2019-03-22T18:06:14-04:00

Our captains are Parents! Captains’ duties and responsibilities are described in detail in the Captain’s Corner.  Captains are NOT REQUIRED to be USTA members or to teach tennis skills.  Contact the Jr. Team Tennis Coordinator, if you would like to captain a team or get additional information regarding captaining.

What type of scoring is used?2019-03-22T18:04:26-04:00

Scoring for 8U division: An individual match is the best of 3 games with the 1st to 7 points in each game.

Scoring for 10U division: An individual match is the best of 3 sets of 1st to four games, with no ad scoring (a 7point Coman tie breaker for the set at 3-3) and a 10 point Coman tie breaker in lieu of the third set.

Scoring for the 12U, 14U and 18U divisions: An individual match is the best of 3 sets of 1st to four games, with no ad scoring (a 7point Coman tie breaker for the set at 3-3) and a10 point Coman tie breaker in lieu of the third set.

What format do teams play?2019-03-22T18:03:52-04:00

12U, 14U, AND 18U divisions will be co-ed teams. Team matches will consist of five individual matches; one line each of boys’ singles, girls’ singles, boys’ doubles, girls’ doubles, and mixed doubles. Team matches for 10U and 8U divisions will be two lines of singles and three lines of doubles (non gender specific).
The season shall be a round robin with each team playing every other team in its division at least once.

What constitutes a team?2019-03-22T18:03:31-04:00

Teams in the 12U, 14U AND 18U divisions are co-ed and will consist of a minimum of six (6) players (3 boys and 3 girls). Teams using non-gender format (10U and 8U) will consist of 6-8 players (of either gender). In addition to age, players are grouped by skill level. A player may play up in age division (if skill level is appropriate), but not below their age division or skill level. Age eligibility cut-off is August 31.

Do I need coaching to participate?2019-03-22T18:02:53-04:00

We strongly encourage all interested players to take advantage of opportunities for junior lessons available in their community. We encourage the junior players to learn to play the game and love it for a lifetime. Instructional programs may be offered through local Park and Recreation and educational organizations. A certified tennis professional may be located through the USPTA. Click here for a list of local resources.

Where are matches played?2019-03-22T18:02:13-04:00

Matches are played in the NEGTA area at local tennis centers, clubs, parks, or neighborhood courts. Exact locations will be determined as teams are established. If you have formed a team, you may choose the location you would like to play out of during the season as long as it is within the NEGTA area. Team matches require that two courts be available for home matches. Bathroom facilities must be available during match play at the location of courts.

When are matches played?2019-03-22T18:01:55-04:00

Sundays @ 2:00 PM for all skill levels for 12U, 14U, and 18U
TBD: 8U & 10U non-gender teams

How long does league play last?2019-03-22T18:01:32-04:00

There are two seasons of League play- Spring and Fall.  The seasons will last six to eight weeks, depending on the number of teams registered in each division.  The minimum time commitment for a team is 6 weeks per season.

How do I find a team?2019-03-22T18:01:03-04:00

There are several ways to become part of a team. You may form a team of juniors in the proper age and skill level and register them on TennisLink. tennislink.usta.com

Or you may contact the NEGTA Jr Team Tennis Coordinator to assist you in finding a facility, coach or pro with an available spot for your junior. Email rosssharond@gmail.com

How do I register with USTA?2019-03-22T17:59:23-04:00

Click on links below and select Join USTA.  If you are interested in a family membership, contact USTA at 1-800-990-8782.

What is the cost to play NEGTA Jr. Team Tennis?2019-03-22T17:59:06-04:00

A Junior USTA membership is $20, NEGTA league fees are required this fee will vary based on which league division and season you choose.  Any other costs associated with courts, coaching fees, and/or equipment will be determined by you and your team captain.

Who can play NEGTA Jr. Team Tennis?2019-03-22T17:58:47-04:00

Any junior from 6-18 years old is eligible for participation. We welcome players from all skill levels, beginner to advanced.

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