Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions2019-03-21T19:44:07-04:00

Refer to USTA & NEGTA Rules & Regulations

What do I do if I have a question?2019-03-21T19:41:50-04:00

Consult your rules & regulations. Refer to documents provided in the captain’s packet. Contact your Local League Coordinator.

What if players are on the wrong court?2019-03-21T19:41:50-04:00

If the discovery occurs before the first set has been completed, players go to the correct courts and begin the match over. If the discovery occurs after the first set is complete the match is to be completed and will stand as matches played in good faith.

What happens when NEGTA discovers a makeup match has not been scheduled and or played by the make up deadline?2019-03-21T19:41:50-04:00

NO extension is given and no point is awarded to either team. It is recorded as a double default.

If a point is forfeited to my opponent early, does a rainoutallow me to play the point in a rescheduled match?2019-03-21T19:41:50-04:00

Yes. Forfeits given prior to the actual line up being exchanged considered a courtesy and are not binding.

Can we call the match off without showing up?2019-03-21T19:41:50-04:00

Yes, if it is obviously raining the match may be rescheduled via a phone call. Captains should keep in touch with each other concerning “iffy” weather. You must still allow for a half hour delay of official or agreed upon start times before deciding.

Do we have to wait 30 minutes for the rain to stop?2019-03-21T19:41:50-04:00

Yes, even in make up matches.

Can we make up matches beyond the dead line day if both teams cannot play within the time period allotted?2019-03-21T19:41:50-04:00

NO, no one has the authority to allow this.

Does a player have to play in the same position when playing a rained out match?2019-03-21T19:41:51-04:00

A player must play in the original position noted on the scorecard when they were exchanged. However if a player cannot play on the rescheduled day a player on the roster but not the scorecard can be substituted.

What do I do if my opponent wants to keep rescheduling the rainout match?2019-03-21T19:41:51-04:00

Once a rained out match has been rescheduled, that day & time stand. The teams are expected to play that position at that time with any eligible player(s). If a team can’t play on the agreed rescheduled date, they forfeit the match or line. A captain may replace that player with another player not already scheduled to play. Both Captains should e-mail their LLC/Lever Rep. with the agreed upon time and day to prevent problems.

What is the default time if someone is late to a match?2019-03-21T19:41:51-04:00

15 minutes after there scheduled time of the match if a court is available. Time is on tennis link schedule.

If I have to default a point, where must I default?2019-03-21T19:41:51-04:00

If you know in advance of the match that you will be short players, you must default from the bottom up (3 doubles or 2 singles). If you do not know in advance and your players don’t show up, default the position they were to play, but don’t move the players around the scorecard.

General Tennis Rules you should know

Making calls?2019-03-21T19:40:55-04:00

A ball touching any part of the line is good. Players make call on their side of the net only. Any ball that cannot be called out is GOOD

If partners disagree on a line call the ball GOOD

The Above question and answers are taken from the “Rules of Tennis” booklet. Please remember Tennis is a courteous sport.

Obvious faults on the serve?2019-03-21T19:40:55-04:00

A player shall not put into play or hit the ball over the net if there is a obvious service fault. To do so constitutes rudeness and may even be a form of gamesmanship.

Server is interrupted during service motion?2019-03-21T19:40:55-04:00

When the server’s second service motion is interrupted by a ball coming onto the court, the server is entitled to two serves.

What if an injury occurs during a match?2019-03-21T19:40:55-04:00

A medical timeout shall begin when a player states the need for one. A maximum of three minutes is allowed for a medical timeout. His/her opponent(s) may begin timing the three minutes after which play must resume immediately or the match must be retired. A player may not take more than one medical timeout for the same condition.

What if there are holes, cracks, and debris, ice etc. on the court?2019-03-21T19:40:55-04:00

If you feel a court is unsafe, you do not have to play on it. It only takes one player to deem a court unplayable. Agreement of all parties is not required.

What if there is no center strap on the net?2019-03-21T19:40:55-04:00

This is not a fully equipped court and therefore no one is forced to play on it. If you decide to play, no grievance may be filed.

What if the net looks too high? How high should the net be?2019-03-21T19:40:55-04:00

If no one has a measure, the court is deemed playable. The correct height is 36 inches.

Can anyone on the court call a let?2019-03-21T19:40:56-04:00

Yes on both sides of your court. You may not call a let on adjoining courts even if your ball rolls onto another court. Exception: You may not call a let if the ball falls out of your own pocket or your partner’s pocket.

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