League Captains:


Welcome to the league year for 2020.  Please read through this packet as it holds lots of necessary information. Share it with your team members so everybody is on the same page. A glossary of tennis terms is included in this packet.  Please remember:

It is your responsibility to read and be familiar with all NEGTA/USTA   rules.   It is important to familiarize yourselves and your team with all the NEGTA and USTA rules.  Take the rules with you to your matches. Have your players go to www.ustanegta.com and print a copy for themselves.  If you have any questions please direct them only to Teri Miller, who is the Local League Coordinator, Sharon Ross 706-499-7310 juniors@ustanegta.com  or Lisa Lancaster 678-575-3001 adults@ustanegta.com. Teri can be reached at 770-654-6306 or llc@ustanegta.com. Schedules have been posted on the tennis link web site that can be reached through www.ustanegta.com.  The 2020 leagues seasons will start play at 9:30 am  for the day teams and 7:00 pm for the evening teams and will play a Coman tie break when necessary  


Please make sure you have listed on your team registration the best phone number to communicate with you. 

  • The key to making sure you receive all the opposing captains phone numbers is to have a PLAYERS PAGE on the USTA site.  If you are having problems setting one up call 1-800-990-USTA for assistance
  • If your e-mail address or phone number changes notify Teri  and also correct it when you sign in to the tennis link program. E-mail is our main communication avenue so make sure you update it on USTA and register on www.ustanegta.com to get communications.
  • Check all team members’ addresses and phone numbers on your team roster. If they are incorrect report the changes to Teri so she can correct them.
  • NEGTA wants all registered players to sign up on our Web site and Constant Contact . Please ask all your  players go to www.ustanegta.com and register in the NEGTA member area and on constant contact.  This enables us to communicate important information to all players via e-mail.


Some tennis rules we forget to follow that are important and you should know are:

  • Spin the racket to choose side /serve prior to warming up.
  • Do not return a serve that is an obvious default back to the server. 
  • Practice serves are caught and served back.


If there are questions or concerns please contact me at the above numbers or e-mail.


Have a great season.

Teri Miller, LLC, NEGTA